Resonance: Your Life, In Tune

September 27, 2008


             Phyllis Mathis, MA.   Resonance: Your Life, In Tune




When a fine stringed instrument is tuned to perfection, it resonates with music that can move the soul. So it is with us. When we’re humming along, living our passion, our lives fairly sing with joyful productivity.

But sometimes our lives seem a bit out of tune. Our components are discordant, and we fall short of our potential. Often we don’t know what’s amiss, we just know we’re not achieving the virtuosity we long for.

Life coaching can help. 

What is life coaching? 

Life coaching is a professional relationship designed to catalyze personal growth. A skilled life coach listens to the music of your unique life, and works with you to bring your life’s elements into harmony. Thinking, feeling, being, and doing, all resonating at a frequency that sounds good to you, moving you toward mastery in specific areas of life.

In person, by phone, or via video conferencing, life coaching can be just the help you need to make your life sing.

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